Everything's Political


Twenty-five years ago, after answering his umpteenth question about sports by using a political analogy, my husband asked: “Is everything political to you?”

“No,” I responded. “Everything’s political, period.”

Little did I know that quip would become the title of a website, and that while much has changed in other areas, that phrase would hold more true today than it did back then.

The meaning of “political” is two-fold.  First, in the Aristotelian sense – which is not necessarily negative – and second, in the modern sense – which is almost always negative, ha.  Let’s face it, most of what we do involves dealing with other people toward any given end, be it working on a campaign or a neighborhood lemonade stand, and $h*t can happen during either.

My personal political proclivities have run the gamut…I wrote my first OpEd at ten years old.  Since then, I’ve been a useful idiot for both major political parties, which at one time or another offered – or claimed to offer – a glimpse of what I thought was important at the time.  Where I eventually landed isn’t difficult to discern from the posts I write.

“Sports, Life and Education” categories will usually have posts with a political bend to them, which I will point out unless it’s blatantly obvious (E.g. the National Anthem debacle).

Also, when dealing with politics in the modern sense, you will find that I am unapologetically tougher on Republicans.  Indeed I hold them to a higher standard for three reasons:

  1. They profess to have standards.
  2. They are the better chameleons.
  3. They had me snowed the longest.

My intent is to keep this site rated PG-13.  That said, please know that while relatively well-read, I had quite the colorful vocabulary before I found Jesus, and even afterwards, I find sometimes that “what the foxtrot” doesn’t adequately convey the full fervor of my thoughts…

I don’t claim to know everything, and I don’t mind being wrong or even agreeing to disagree.

With that, feel free to contact me or any of the contributors here, with the understanding that we know “Everything’s Political.” 😉