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He’s Got The Biggest Balls of Them All…

No one at EP fully trusts public employees or candidates vying for power (see our ACB post).  That said, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis didn’t accurately assess the role of government out of the gate last year, he [seems to have] gotten up to speed and puts his words to action, ergo we’re giving Governor DeSantis […]

ACB: Called it!

When everyone went cray cray over Amy Coney Barrett last year, I called for restraint on the EP podcast.  The rush to canonize anyone seeking power these days makes me nauseous, plus I thought Barbara Lagoa had better bona fides, and less “flakiness.” Several months and a mixed bag of decisions later, it’s sure looking […]

Found Another One!

A man, that is.  A bold, smart one, too. This information is vital and applicable to all. Please consider sharing far and wide: We call the current tyranny An American Benghazi; Mr. King calls it the “End Game.” Either way, we’ll continue to peacefully with the same spirit that the Greek city-states personified against the […]

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi…

Not only is the intellectual and emotional intelligence of these early truth tellers rare, but their “balls-out” attitude and defiance toward the ignorant and complicit among us, proves loyal to their oath to “First, do no harm.” January 11, 2021:  April 15, 2021: December 4, 2020:

Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt was another early truth-tellers that kept us sane. The interviews below are in chronological order…and again, if you are not watching/reading Alex Newman at The New American, please consider doing so; he has been in front of this and many other issues, and does a fabulous job. January 15, 2021: February 17, […]

Jim Crow Settles in Canada

…as Canada goes Soviet.  From Vancouver International Airport (YVR): I would’ve liked to visit Vancouver again in the future, but I guess that plan is moot. We’re almost to the bottom, folks, and while it’s going to suck, at least we’ll get a better grasp of how long we’ll linger there until we either pull […]

Dr. Richard Fleming…

Dr. Fleming was one of the early truth-tellers that kept us sane. If credentials impressed me anymore, his would. His phenomenal website can be found at www.theflemingmethod.com (watch the introductory video for easier navigation).  Also, if you are not watching/reading Alex Newman at The New American, you should be; he has been in front of […]

Ohio Republicans: Call Your Office

Phil Collins wrote a catchy tune back in the 80’s called “I Missed Again,” the short chorus of which goes like this (it’s ok, sing it with me): “Or did I miss again?  I think I missed again, uh-huh…” With apologies to the few outliers that exist, I think that song should be the Ohio […]