What’s In Your Lecture Hall?

Everyone has that “one teacher.”  You know, the one that you have never forgotten; the one who inspired you to learn (and care) about the topics they were covering, whether you wanted to or not; the one who encouraged debate and disagreement, if not to make sure you completed your thoughts, then to at least consider new or evolving information.

That person during my formal education was a “History of Russia” professor at university. #LateBloomer

During our run on the czars, the professor and I ran into a disagreement about Pyotr Alekseyevich (aka: Peter the Great), and by the end of the second lecture on the monarch, a few other students joined my line of questioning, and we began to respectfully challenge his position.  This occurred throughout the entire semester as we would candidly remind him of the czar’s far-reaching reforms.

A great listener and gracious man, the professor never shut down our line of thinking, and genuinely tried to understand what we were trying to say or ask; he knew that our knowledge of the subject matter was not commensurate with his, and only communication would ameliorate that fact, if only to the point of agreeing to disagree.  To my recollection, no disgust or sarcasm ever manifested during our discussions, and neither side was embarrassed to say to the other: “That’s a great point,” or “I don’t know.” It was indeed a #BetterVanishedTime.

When I thanked him after the initial challenge, he literally smiled from ear to ear and joyfully replied: “Thank you, young lady…your questions helped others engage, and that’s what being here is all about!”

In hindsight, he was probably a stark-raving-mad liberal, but we never knew it, and while not every professor was like him, every professor should be…

This is what teaches your children, now:

Berkeley Law?  Good Lord, the amount of logical fallacies she employs alone, should preclude her from teaching children of any age.  Moreover, your tax dollars fund her lavish life, from start to finish.

I’m still confident a #NationalDivorce can take care a lot of this BS.  Tune into the Podcast, as we discuss that very topic.