Flakes On A Plane…


Please watch this clip, and let us know if you think this woman is freaking out because she is is terrified of contracting or transmitting the SARS CoV2 (the CCP/Fauci [bio-engineered] virus that causes COVID-19):

A few observations:
1. Her mask is not on properly.
2. She breaks the 6 ft. barrier to bully the older man.
3. She spits in his face.
4. He was sitting in his seat, eating & drinking, when mask remover is “permitted.”

Cornwall was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson [Atlanta] Airport, and later taken into FBI custody, who hopefully won’t throw her a party or recruit/train her as head “Bully of the Skies.” 🙄

This is about nothing more than power and control, and I hope that man prosecutes her to the fullest extent of the law.

Update: More information on kooky Karen – aka: Patricia Cornwall – has emerged.