Lung Cancer or COVID?

Do you remember this clip from “My Cousin Vinny…”

That’s what popped into my head after reading the following study that I somehow missed in November – can’t imagine why – indicating that prolonged face mask use could contribute to the initiation and/or acceleration of advanced lung cancer, published in a journal of the American Association of Cancer Research:

Presence of microbes in the lung can modulate lung cancer pathogenesis.

Non-agenda driven doctors will tell you that social distancing ALWAYS yields the healthiest and most efficacious protection of yourself and others from communicable diseases, so if/when you break the 6ft. barrier to bully & harass others about a mask, be prepared for a broader discussion than you anticipate.

Via lockdown poverty, mental health issues, late diagnoses and accelerated diseases, agenda-driven politicians, Healthcare, Big Pharma, Media and Corporatist tramps – but I repeat myself – will have more deaths on their hands, than COVID-19 will ever have the strength to cause.

The most “positive” lung cancer prognosis has a 60% chance of survival with treatment; COVID-19 has a 99.8% chance of survival without treatment…forced to make a decision between the two, which would you choose?