A Couple of Videos Worth Your Time

The only COVID video you’ll ever need to watch:

Thank you, Tom.  Well done and well said.

If you liked Tom’s video, also available at his website, you may like “An American Benghazi Pt.3.”

Update 10/15/20: Ok, had to add this for a one-two punch…someone notify Lord Farquaad, I mean Mike DeWine.

Evidently Tom isn’t the only one questioning and criticizing healthcare “experts” for their major malfeasance. Turns out Tucker Carlson does a pretty good job as well…

Tucker had a pretty powerful opening segment Tuesday night, questioning the”scientific rationale” behind wearing masks during the COVID hysteria. At the 2:25 mark, he showed a clip of CDC Director Robert Redfield boldly declaring that a face mask is “more guaranteed” (sic) to protect its wearer against COVID-19 than any vaccine…

Now the mask science has always been mixed…at best, so of course Tucker takes that proclamation to task, and does so by using the CDC’s own data to refute it (can’t make this stuff up), in addition to information from Fauci and institutions like Cleveland Clinic.

When the CDC hit Tucker the next day, Tucker hit back harder, which is what we must do when inconsistent “experts,” allow themselves to be used as bullies and political pawns.

Here is the fallout:

Good grief, this is why subject matter “experts” especially in healthcare, shouldn’t be directing public policy.  Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the term “expert,” and whether or not these people must consistently show proper understanding and use of “science” for at least 30 years, in order to be considered one. 😕

Oh, and fair warning to the citizen STASI Mask Police lurking around the grocery, stalking the aisles waiting to find an unsuspecting victim on whom they can pounce like a stealth, deranged predator…

Yes, if you can call me a “grandma killer,” I can call you a deranged predator.  See how that works?

Some of us have medical conditions that preclude us from wearing masks, and while we are happy to socially distance, which is the most effective strategy anyway, if you breach the 6ft. barrier to spew septic straw men about why I don’t have one on, then be prepared to show documentation proving that Lord Farquaad Mike DeWine has deputized you as Ohio’s deranged predator Mask Police, or be prepared for a broader legal discussion and experience than you anticipate.