Kyle Lamb Interviews Thomas Renz

Kyle Lamb, of the “UnscriptedOhio” podcast for “all things [Ohio State] Buckeyes,” has taken a little detour to “Beyond the Fold News” podcast.  He has been one of the more reasonable people to read regarding the cold, hard, data surrounding COVID-19,  and government’s overreaction to it.

He interviewed Thomas Renz, who is one of the attorneys representing Ohioans in the class action lawsuit against Mike DeWine and Lance Himes, which you can read more about at Ohio Stands Up!

The podcast interview can be found here, and should start with the introduction of Mr. Renz – who is a breath of fresh air in this stifled state – but if the audio plays from the beginning, just forward to the 17 minute mark.

Please share that interview far and wide, and if you are so inclined, please consider a donation to Ohio Stands Up! because they are not only fighting for us right now, but to prevent this nonsensical overreach from happening to our children and grandchildren.  ~Ed.