America For Sale

ACB: Called it!

When everyone went cray cray over Amy Coney Barrett last year, I called for restraint on the EP podcast.  The rush to canonize anyone seeking power these days makes me nauseous, plus I thought Barbara Lagoa had better bona fides, and less “flakiness.”

Several months and a mixed bag of decisions later, it’s sure looking like ACB is simply another bought-and-paid-for, globalist elite, more interested in serving the Oligarchy via fiat than we, the people via the Constitution.

I’ve grown weary of women who are to the republic, what the “Good Old Boys” are to women, but I digress.

Anyway, this is exactly why, after calling for restraint on the podcast, I described as best I could, the WWII propaganda poster below and likened it to my thought process every, single, stinking time I vote…

My thoughts after voting…

Yet another blow courtesy of Trump’s ridiculously low political EQ & high degree of grifter companions.  Hard to believe that a guy who seems to blindly assume positive intent – from the most depraved among us –  made it all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. God Bless America. 😐