An American Benghazi Pt.3

The War of the Worlds…

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. ~Helen Keller

Imagine if Sam Houston had intentionally sent Santa Anna to the Alamo as a distraction to buy time…
Imagine if DC power brokers had paid the militant islamists to attack Americans in Benghazi…

That is what every elected employee is doing, not only by disparaging and defunding law enforcement officials who protect and serve their communities, but also by holding – or allowing – their cities and states to be held hostage under the Sword of Damocles, over a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate…

In late February of 2020, Anthony Fauci declared that the novel Chinese Coronavirus (SARS Cov2) would not present any more danger to the American people than that of the seasonal flu, which as it turns out has been one of the very few accurate statements he has made thus far.  Fifteen days later, he boldly conveyed the idea that we were all going to die gasping for air, waiting on a hospital bed…except that if his forecast was accurate, we would have had to step over dead bodies to get to our cars in the morning.

Ergo, the missing link to his 180 – manipulated data aside – remain with Darwin.

Regardless, a reasonable response from government would’ve prevented the proverbial red flags from rising:

  1. Protect our elderly & immune-compromised.
  2. Practice hygiene like Adrian Monk.
  3. Let the healthy work so that resources exist to take care of our sick.

But, as we were warned at the onset of the republic:
“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire it is both a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” ~George Washington

No person in an official capacity to do so, asked critical questions for which any of the “experts” had answers.  My first question would’ve been this: If the “experts” predicted in 2017 that a virus of this sort would emerge during the Trump administration, then why are we so ill-prepared in 2020?   

We proactively warn people of approaching storms and natural disasters to encourage and empower them to prepare and brace for impact.  Why weren’t any proactive precautions taken at least behind the scenes with regards to hospital networks documenting and supplementing PPE and respirator inventory?

Feel free to give Anthony Fauci an “A” for foresight; he gets a big, fat, f*cking “F” in preparation.

While most Americans obediently maneuvered into compliance convinced that every person associated with government was at least an honest broker where health was concerned – which should be a hard sell to anyone who has paid attention for five minutes – a small group of skeptics opted to take a more measured approach.  Namely, we looked for and reported on more accurate data, to determine whether or not the response of the #PanicPornPeddlers was justified let alone rational before locking down the human spirit and vaporizing a $23 trillion economy.  We were called everything from “COVID deniers” to “grandma killers” either by the imperious elite or binary thinkers who could not possibly fathom that both a virus, fatal to the immune-compromised and government overreach could occur simultaneously…

So, Americans did what they were told.  Initially for “15 days to slow the spread,” toward the explicitly-stated goal of preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Which. Never. Happened. #VirusGonnaVirus

Six months later, under the perpetual goalpost-moving guise of “no one can ever get sick again…” mayors and governors have used this crisis to continue imposing arbitrary, capricious and ruinous restrictions that for the healthy, are as unconstitutional and more unnecessary now as they were in late March.

Let me ask you this: Why is a death from COVID-19 worse than any other death? #RhetoricalQuestion

As usual, the false dichotomies remain. My favorite is “if you don’t comply, you’re selfish.” Be very leery of anyone who forwards that fallacy, because they most assuredly aren’t looking at new & updated data, if any at all, and will probably be the first to rat you out to the lockdown STASI.

My response: Among the many foreseeable and unforeseeable consequences of this designed destruction, is the decimation of America’s small businesses…a demographic that has been the target of globalists for nearly a century.  Generations of blood, sweat & tears poured into them across the nation that have provided not just for individual families but also for entire communities, and not just with tax revenue, but also with investments of time, charity and softball team sponsorships. Our small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy; the literal producers of the American middle class; the metaphorical producers of the American soul.

Indeed that is why people in positions of political power hate them; they are Americans who take risks for commendable causes, civilian counterparts to the soldiers who crossed Travis’ line at the Alamo, and the line of bureaucracy in Benghazi, knowing that only great actions yield great accomplishments…

Still, for the benefit of others, for “15 days to slow the spread,” small business owners closed their doors.

And their incomes stopped…like overnight.

Did yours?  Did government’s?

Six months later, they’re being labeled selfish when at best many have burned through their savings, liquidated retirement funds, or at worst have closed permanently thanks to government’s manipulated and arbitrary overreach in response to a virus that [we knew in June] had a 99.7% recovery rate…

So “who” exactly is being selfish at this point?  Hint: Not small business owners.

If I were a practicing lawyer, my pro bono work would consist solely of finding new and innovative ways to personally sue any and all elected officials employees who imposed, enforced, enabled or prolonged restrictions that obstructed our means of production and provision affecting not just businesses and families, but the mental and physical health of millions more than COVID will ever take …and I’d start in Ohio.

Of course we can count on one hand and not use all the digits, how many elected employees who took an oath to protect our rights, actually did, so this is for them as well as for you…

Our rights do not come from government, our rights exist by virtue of our humanity (#NaturalLaw), ergo government may not and cannot violate those rights, any more than the Marxist mob, let alone arbitrarily, indefinitely and without due process.  Additionally, governors may not act as both Executive and Legislative branches because doing so violates that pesky thing called the Constitution, which guarantees that only laws passed by duly-elected legislatures are enforceable. 

Anything else is a mere suggestion, and while they don’t like that fact, every governor knows that fact, hence the #PanicPorn…fear will keep you compliant and their power orgasmic, so free yourselves now, or get used to eventually asking permission from your overlords for everything from procreation, to taking a leak…

…and if you think that is hyperbole, you may want to see an attorney about suing the school district that erroneously claims to have taught you history.

For tyrants like the global elite, a larger purpose is always at work, so…

Organize.  Have a plan.  Fight back.  If you don’t know what any of that means, find someone who does.

The defense of the United States and the rule of law continues. Only one state out of 50 has survived with the Bill of Rights in tact, and only one Judge has gone “balls out” to declare government’s inability to violate them further.  With the traditional institutions on which we rely either corrupt or in peril, we must determine whether or not we still prefer – no, cherish – the animating contest of freedom over the tranquility of servitude.

If so, then we need to execute some tough love in order to take back the God-given liberty we’ve relinquished under the guise of “security.”

It will take strategy.  It will take stamina.  It will take sacrifice.

And that’s ok, because we have been appointed to this time and marked for this purpose…one of the rare generations throughout history charged with preserving freedom at the precipice of its elimination. #JFK

That is us now – win, lose or draw – for our children and grandchildren later.

Besides, no one else is coming…

Only We, the People – Lord willing – can proactively pull posterity through this American Benghazi.


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