Brave, New World or Brave, New…York? *UPDATE

Holy hormones, Batman! I thought all the testosterone had left New York…

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Man, that makes me want to do the #SnoopyDance…join me, won’t you?

Gotta celebrate the wins regardless of how small or sporadic!

Ok, a few things:

As well-meaning and power-trippy as the health director may be, she is incorrect: “Ken and Karen Canary” don’t have any more authority over a law-abiding citizen’s life, than any elected employees in that room, so the “anonymous tip” was not a “legitimate concern.”

So why were they at an impasse?
That was due to a clear misunderstanding of what the “law” actually is, and it’s not the citizens who got it wrong…

If the business owners were robbing the place or otherwise infringing upon someone else’s right to life, liberty or property, that’s a different situation, which is probably why one business owner suggested that the Sheriff arrest him…

You see a “good” arrest – one that sticks – will unambiguously point to a “law” that has been violated, and by “law,” I mean a piece of legislation that does not contradict the Constitution and that has been passed by a duly-elected legislature, which some may be shocked to know, is the only type of “law” that is enforceable (see the Guarantee Clause).

Regardless, the encroachments will get more outrageous unless this type of pushback happens MUCH more often.

Note to law enforcement: You are in a tough position; one that we do not envy, but think about this from our viewpoint…  While looters and rioters breaking actual laws continue to do so so with relative impunity, law-abiding citizens are being punished for wanting to provide for their families, not only by those whose salaries we’re forced to pay, but also those who swore never to do such a thing.

Look, enforcing unconstitutional laws is kinda like certifying fraudulent elections.  Confidence in the integrity of both systems is sullied if either are allowed to stand. Ergo, if you cannot easily point to the constitutionality of sphincter-dwelling edicts spewed by your Governor, Mayor or Health Czar, we invite you to stand with us,  just like many sheriffs and LEOs are doing all over the nation.

UPDATE: Welcome to the Jungle, Mac’s Pub:

This is what defending our natural rights looks like. You don’t like it?  Move.


“I was not born to be forced; I will breath after my own fashion. Let us see who is strongest.” ~Thoreau