Can You Be Bribed With Your Own Money?

Imagine an experimental vaccine so safe and efficacious that government leaders invested in BigPharma must bribe you to take it…

From Cooper Moran at the Ohio Star:

DeWine Offers Taxpayer Money for Giveaways to Vaccinated Ohioans

“In a state-wide address, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Wednesday that individuals who get vaccinated will be entered for a chance to win a drawing of $1 million. Five different winners will be selected at a rate on one each week.

DeWine noted that the money to be given away comes from federal Coronavirus Relief funds.”

Soooo essentially he’s bribing you with your own money. Well, maybe it’s not ALL yours, but you can be sure that at least some of it comes from families across Ohio and the nation that were left destitute because of government’s mishandling of this situation, but still had to pay taxes or they’d go to jail.

Soooo essentially you’re signing up to take money away from people who lost everything through no fault of their own.

Sleep tight with that.

If Lord Farquaad really wanted to impress me, he’d use his own f*cking money and not ours.

He’s such a sanctimonious asshole; when we take from others, it’s called “theft,” when he steals, it’s called “relief-fund incentives.” #Eyeroll

Here is another piece from the Ohio Star, Jack Windsor this time:

DeWine COVID Vaccination Enticements on Ohio Attorney General’s Radar

“Governor Mike DeWine unveiled a program to entice Ohio adults and children alike to get the COVID vaccine on Wednesday – the State of Ohio will give away $5MM and five college scholarships.  Winners will be drawn weekly over five weeks from a pool of vaccinated Ohioans.”

My goodness, how will they verify that participants have taken the experimental jab? #HIPAA

Interestingly enough:

“…The pool of names for the “Ohio Vax-a-Million” drawing will be derived from the Ohio Secretary of State’s publicly available voter registration database.”


and this (which only Jack Windsor would ask because he is a real journalist):

…”DeWine’s Press Secretary Dan Tierney was contacted for clarification on the legality of the giveaways and whether Ohioans are marked as “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated” in the voter registration database or elsewhere. Tierney has not yet responded.”

Yeah, I bet he hasn’t.

Oh, and never fear, #PanicPornLovers, Lord Farquaad is going to figure out a “special way” to incentivize your 12-15 olds to get the experimental jab even though their demographic has a 99.9% recovery rate without treatment…

Yeah, I’m thinking you best stay away from my young-ins, guvna, but if you do mosey near, best also come with a rock-solid, iron-clad warrant, or be prepared for a broader discussion than you anticipate.

Not enough lipstick in the world to put on this pig…

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