CDC: Jab Yields More Heart Inflammation Than Expected

The only surprising part about this headline is that it wasn’t followed by “FDA Removes Experimental Jabs from the Market.”

A primer:

Fauci COVID Emails

Fauci Emails

  • The experimental mRNA jab delivers millions of bioengineered “spike” proteins of SARS CoV-2 into your body where they attach to your cells and download the recipe to the ribosomes to manufacture the spike protein during cell replication/reproduction…so it never goes away.
  • Inflammation triggered by an “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” response is ultimately what killed all the animals who were given the experimental mRNA jab.
  • The mRNA jab transports the bioengineered spike protein to as many cells as it can, and downloads the recipe to include the spike protein with each replication.
  • Having the spike protein being consistently and permanently reproduced in every cell/system, your body, makes your body more susceptible to an inflammothrombotic response.
  • The experimental SARS CoV-2 jab has five times the number of anaphylaxis cases and any other real vaccine.

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Two words: Informed Consent.