Sanctimonious Swindlers…

No normal person desires violence. As a gun owner, I never want to draw my firearm on another human being, but that won’t be up to me; that will be up to the person threatening me. As a citizen, I never want to take back the republic by force, but that won’t be up to me; that will be up to the foreign and domestic enemies threatening the republic.

Some think that yesterday’s Capitol “breach” was organic. Others say it was a staged Antifa event designed to do exactly what it accomplished: falsely taking up the mantle of those who support the republic (just as they usurped George Floyd protestors), to discredit the group and cause further divisiveness, and in this case issue a warning to or provide cover for the cowards in the senate.

Regardless, I like to let things marinate for a while until more information is available, so until then, a quick lesson for the sanctimonious swindlers (e.g. “Con Inc.”), immediately condemning and blaming we, the people, saying that we support “violence,” which is never acceptable…

First, read the first paragraph again. No one here condones violence for the sake of violence.
Second, never ever conflate violence with self-defense.

Violence is assault, rape, murder and destruction of property. Unchecked, it continues. Self-defense checks the violence, and often lessens recidivism.

If someone breaks into your house to destroy life, liberty or property, would you use force to stop them? That’s called self-defense.

If enemy-aligned entities break into your government to harm the republic’s life, liberty and property, would you use force to prevent its demise, especially when all the laws, institutions and elections are corrupted beyond redress?  Again, self-defense.

Why was the War for Independence fought: violence or self-defense?

As a student of history, I can tell you that the real violence comes after a submissive citizenry complies with the “new normal” of their government – ask a Holocaust survivor – so go peddle your passive, beta-male bullshit somewhere else; it’s a large reason we’re in this mess.

And just to be clear, this has been brewing LONG before 2016:
Trump’s supporters may not agree with everything he does and says, but he has been the only opposition president in [most of] their lifetimes who has consistently tried to do what he said he was going to do (despite the antics of the whiny little b*tches in his own party), and who has NOT snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as is the normal “Republican” modus operandi.

Ergo, the sanctimonious swindlers have been trying to destroy the very man that has stayed the public’s angst for the last three years. That’s how effing stupid and arrogant the swindlers are, but I digress…

If elected employees never think the electorate will rise up to prevent a full-blown slide into socialism/Communism, then I would first predict they’re wrong, but if I’m wrong, then the republic is already lost. Not only because the electorate will never be feared more than the CCP, but also because they’ve made it so elections no longer matter (although they may allow a few compliant “Republicans” to continue “winning” …).

So stop blaming We, the People for January 6th, especially before all the evidence is revealed…actually don’t stop; we like sanctimonious swindlers to reveal themselves organically.

Everyone has a role to play in this Manichaean battle for nothing less than Wester Civilization. Some will write, some will demonstrate, some will infiltrate, some will protect and yes, many more will fight, but if and only if absolutely necessary.

But again, that won’t be up to us…