Dear “Suburban Moms:” You Creeped Out Yet?

Ostensibly, all Kens & Karens want non-deputized, federal snoops in their neighborhoods, and while I think much of this has to do with creating “noise” to detract from the mountain of evidence coming from Arizona, I’ll play along for giggles…

In a page that could’ve been taken from Bradbury’s “Farenheit 451, the Biden Administration announced that it will send Brown Shirts, “Firemen” to go door-to-door in order to convince more people to take place in a medical experiment (COVID jabs), that has already killed more Americans than all other vaccines combined over the past twi decades.  The amount wrong with that is stark, but that’s for a longer post.

Our larger, primary problem lies not with the feds, rather with the state.  In particular, Lord Farquaad DeWine and his merry band of legislative progressives.

Excursus:  The fact that Lord Farquaad DeWine wants me to take the jab is all the evidence I need to not take it, but in case that’s unambiguous, let me be more direct: Any government – or non-government worker for that matter, who knocks on my door, should not only have all of the required permits, but also an ironclad warrant, and a personal bio that contains their name, age, birthdate, social security number, picture and government agency/number/clearance for my keeping. End of Excursus.

Right now, a real state legislature would be baiting the federal Balrog like:

But alas, Ohio’s legislature is nowhere to be found…we’re told some are in the fetal position having found out that Zuckerberg was in 45 Ohio counties, and that COVID restrictions were not only unconstitutional, but largely unnecessary.  They can’t seem to water-down bills quickly enough in order to determine what will impact their “upward mobility” the least: pissing off Lord Farquaad or their employers (us).

So far they’ve tried to ride the watered-down, Laodicean middle, which to paraphrase Thatcher, is a very dangerous place, because you get run over by both sides of traffic.

Oh that they only knew their primary job was to safeguard our liberties, ergo, this is perhaps another time for choosing….

Perhaps we need two legislatures (they can split the outrageous salaries given their performance)…one legislature can name bridges and pat themselves on the backs all day…we’ll call that the “Beta” Legislature, and the other can guard with jealous attention the public liberty…that of course will be called the “Alpha” Legislature.”  That should help separate the wheat from the chaff, no? #Eyeroll