Voter Response to GOP Fundraising Efforts

Soooooo…after putting the final nail in the republic’s coffin by refusing to even vet the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, “Republicans” are…

Wait for it…


And I be like…


But I wasn’t the only one…

Some rowdy friends and listeners shared their responses to various GOP fundraising calls/texts, which as it turns out, are not all bots, which is probably a good thing for all of us to remember lest we inadvertently drop F-bombs to someone’s grandma, who may be working the phone banks…

Here are the winners:

In response to “State Republicans still need your help:”
“We needed their help to ensure free and fair elections. They failed. #GetBent”

In response to “Help us fight back against the Dems:”
“I’m confused, you want to “fight back” now that you have no chance of winning, and you even have the b@lls to fundraise off the bull$hit you created by not securing the election? You must think we’re stupid.”

In response to “GOP Governors are our last line of defense:”  *Personal Favorite*
“Really? Ohio’s “GOP” governor is a tyrant who will bend over for a federal dime. Even worse, 99% of our “GOP” legislators will sell us out for a nickel. You can kiss my @$$.”

In response to “Don’t let Dems silence our voice:”
“First, do not ever think that your voice is my voice. Second my voice and vote were silenced the moment you all allowed a fraudulent election to stand without looking at the evidence. Hope your party goes away…”

In response to [an ostensible] Ted Cruz message: “Don’t let Dems betray American workers:”
“Sorry Ted (or whoever this is), but you already betrayed the American worker by failing to safeguard our most sacred right to vote. It’s all very clear now that none of you were serious.”

In response to “Sign the petition to reopen the Keystone Pipeline:”
“Wow. Fundraising & data mining off the misery of others, the blood of whom is on YOUR hands by not fighting for our elections. Maybe your BFFs on the left will keep you warm; we’re finished.”

In response to “Team Marco” wanting people to watch his interview with Chris Wallace:
“Why, so I can vomit all day? I don’t care what either of you whiny little b*tches think, lose my number.”

Yikes, and I cut out some of the rougher stuff, lol.

We tried to warn the GOP; now they will have to work extra hard to prove their relevancy, which in some states they actually are, but that is for another post, and I wouldn’t hold your breath about elected Republicans here “going rogue” to secure any of the civil liberties they allowed Lord Farquaad to destroy.

My state rep & state senator are so far up his bum that they could give us a full dental report…

I’m sure their meetings will go something like this: