UPDATE: If You Are Waiting On Mike Pence…

Update #1 January 6, 2021: The courage of men failed yet again today.  America should have at least one opposition party…”someone” could probably start one with about 75 million members right now…

Update #2 January 6, 2021:

That’s what Antifa (and BLM) did to those who were peacefully protesting George Floyd’s death…$100 says the majority of each party was in on it. #BloodyHands

Original post:

Many people think that Mike Pence hung and set the moon because he does not put himself into compromising – or potentially compromising – situations with women. While I think that policy is wise and responsible, I also think it’s axiomatic (#HappyWifeHappyLife). Isn’t that what spouses do?

In fact, Mike Pence may very well be a wise and responsible son, brother and father as well, but I don’t think that translates politically (see why below).  Not sure I see Mike Pence standing up to deep-state Republicans when it really counts, let alone opening himself up to the ire of those who don’t care or understand what widespread voter fraud means for the republic, even if he wanted to, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

Last week I received an email asking what I thought of the possibility that Mike Pence, while superintending the senate’s electoral college vote on January 6th, would object to or reject electoral votes from certain swing states where substantial voter fraud has been alleged and only count the votes from uncontested states or something to that effect.

While not intimately familiar with the minutia of the argument on both sides, I don’t think that’s how things would work, which is actually a good thing because I don’t want anyone in the Executive Branch to have the power to decide elections, and I don’t think the Founders did either.

Also, and maybe this will help assuage the angst of those upset because I don’t think Mike Pence hung and set the moon:

1. Politically, Mike Pence’s proclivity is toward the deep state. Ask the Hoosiers Against Common Core moms for whom [then Governor] Pence held a dog & pony show in 2014, only to betray their due diligence regarding Race to the Top’s surreptitious data collection, and rebrand its [Common Core] standards, to satisfy the deep state.

Many were present when Mike Pence chose Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeb Bush et. al over his constituents.  He’ll chose them again.

2. Word is that Pence wants out of politics, which likely means he wants a corporate gig sitting on some board, a taxpayer-fleecing job, or wants to write a book that he’ll need the media to promote. He won’t get any of that by upsetting the deep-state apple cart on his way out.  I also believe this is why he was one of the first to throw Mike Flynn under the bus.

3. Pence is heading to China right after the formal acceptance of the electoral college votes; do we really think he’d plan to visit China right after he hinders their election interference plans, lol?

What Pence can do is follow procedure and act within the constitutionality of his role, which hopefully he will.  He can ask for objections, allow for debate & kick any dueling electors back to state legislatures, which is where the resolution has always lain.

Every contested state by the way, has a “Republican-controlled” state legislature.  Of course they are all cowering in the fetal position because, well, quite frankly they’re p*ssies (sometimes there just isn’t a better word).  They don’t realize that if they let a fraudulent election stand, not only will the republic be finished, but they will be finished as well…like quicker than the #Whigs…and deservedly so.

As we’ve seen all too often in 2020, the rule of law doesn’t matter if no one is willing to enforce it.

I truly hope that I’m wrong, but as we’ve stated here: we’re in an American Benghazi, not a Marvel movie. No one is coming to save the day, and it doesn’t look like any government employee in a position to ensure the integrity of our elections, actually will. As our options narrow, it will become necessary for us to model the courage we expected to see in them.

Organize. Plan. Pray. Fight back. If you don’t know what that means, find someone who does.

“I prayed for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” ~Frederick Douglass