Jane’s Addiction Part 2…

I was going to add this as an “Update” to the already-Updated: Jane’s Addition, but the cringe-worthy damage control blasted via email this morning pretty much demanded its own post, lol…

The aforementioned post ended with: “The Defense Rests,” which is a link to a video now going viral on Twitter.  The clip shows Jane Timken in Dublin, OH answering a question about Lord Farquaad’s actions over the past year, and it pretty much proves our point that she is double-minded at best, duplicitous at worst:

Good Lord.  Does she have any EQ at all?  She made absolutely no concession for the heart of the grassroots that has been devastated by Lord Farquaad’s dereliction of duty and Executive Branch Tyranny, to a crowd that was clearly desiring it.

Jane’s addiction stems not from the fact that she’s inconsistent, rather she’s inconsistent because she’s freaking tone deaf.

Her team doubled down on that with the damage-control email that arrived in mailboxes this morning:

Here are a few of the comments we’ve received thus far:

“Ambivalent to the grassroots.  Won’t be dragging people to the polls with this one.”

“LOL…did they watch the video? She looked so confused, like she was told this was a room full of supporters.”

You were right, Paduchik worked some mojo & she’s convinced she’s the winner.  That makes me uncomfortable on a lot of levels.

“How long do u think it’ll take them to walk back or “clarify” her defense of him?”

One cannot be a dedicated, liberty-minded, “America First” candidate AND show undying, loyal support to the governor who has unconstitutionally shelled out more destruction on Ohioans than any other governor in the history of our state (which is saying something given his predecessor).  The pending court cases against him, and the fullness of time will prove that true enough.

We don’t need any more appeasers; we need fighters.  Don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe.

Don’t feed Jane’s addiction.

Photo Credit: Ohio Star