Jim Crow's Canada

Jim Crow Settles in Canada

…as Canada goes Soviet.  From Vancouver International Airport (YVR):

Jim Crow's Canada

Canada Goes Soviet

I would’ve liked to visit Vancouver again in the future, but I guess that plan is moot.

We’re almost to the bottom, folks, and while it’s going to suck, at least we’ll get a better grasp of how long we’ll linger there until we either pull our narcissistic heads from our pampered backsides, or are called Home, so know where you’re going, because it is the only thing that matters…

I often wonder if that isn’t the sole rather soul purpose of any and all adversity through which we’re called not just to travel, but transcend.

Toward the efficaciousness of that end, please continue to pray, fight back when you can, have a plan and a plan B.  If you don’t know what any of that means, find someone who does.