Mexico…More Free Than Texas?

Well lookie there…Mexico has figured out what many knew in March of 2020, and even some docs & reporters with egg on their faces are admitting now: Virus gonna virus.

From the “Travel Off Path” website:

Mexico Removes All COVID-19 Entry Requirements Including Health Form…

Mexico Returns To 2019 Normality For Visitors

Mexico—the world’s most popular travel destination throughout the COVID-19 pandemic—has now dropped all COVID-19 entry requirements as of January 1, 2022. El Salvador was the world’s first nation to drop all COVID-19 entry requirements in November 2021, with Mexico now joining El Salvador as the world’s second nation to drop all covid-related entry restrictions. 

…Before January 1, 2022, Mexico still had a health questionnaire required for all flights, including international flights and domestic flights. The Mexican authorities called it the Vuela Seguro. 

The form asked health-related questions, such as if the passenger has been in close contact with anyone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous two weeks. The questionnaire would also ask if travelers have had coughs, fever, and other COVID-19 related symptoms. 

As of January 1, 2022, Mexico has officially discontinued this form. 

Therefore, Mexico has zero COVID-19 entry requirements. Visiting Mexico is now no different from visiting Mexico in 2019. 

You may read the rest here.

Wow. One can’t help but wonder if Texas would’ve still seceded [from Mexico] in 1836, had they known they’d be less free than Santa Anna’s ancestors nearly 200 years later… (Soviet-style requirements remain in place to return to the United States). 🙄

Remember the Alamo, indeed…