Ohio Republicans: Call Your Office

Phil Collins wrote a catchy tune back in the 80’s called “I Missed Again,” the short chorus of which goes like this (it’s ok, sing it with me): “Or did I miss again?  I think I missed again, uh-huh…”

With apologies to the few outliers that exist, I think that song should be the Ohio “Republican” supermajority’s theme song and as such, should play before and after every session.  Perhaps doing so will trigger introspection by both the ignorant and complicit.

So what did they miss again?  Another chance to honor their oaths, of course.  This time in response to the Biden Administration announcement of its “Door-to-Door Outreach” vaccination campaign (Update: this is already taking place in three states).

That’s right, non-deputized, federal employees unconstitutionally trespassing on Ohioans’ private property without a warrant in order to illegally coerce you into taking part in the experimental jab human trials, violating both national and international jurisprudence.

Do you see the Mulligan?

State legislatures were instituted to secure our blessings of liberty (natural rights), and the lion’s share of that responsibility lies with mustering up enough testosterone to stand in the gap and loudly proclaim to the federal Balrog:

While states like Missouri & South Carolina have rejected & warned against the encroachment, impotent Legislative and Executive branches in other states continue to leave citizens fending for themselves.

So what happens when those who swear to uphold and defend the state and federal Constitutions, don’t understand the parameters of authority, let alone the checks and balances on that authority?

Well, just look around…although we pay them to stand in the gap, they widen it, and in some crazy, DC Comics-like alternate universe, “Evil Gandalf” befriends the Balrog and kills the Fellowship.

Remember that the next time they ask you for votes, money and sweat equity…then introduce them to their well-funded primary opponent at the next Central Committee meeting, and when they ask how in the world you could be dissatisfied, break into song: “I think you missed again, you know you missed again, uh-huh.”