Josh Mandel: Back in the Game? UPDATE

UPDATE 2/10/2021:  Looks like he’s in…

I was sent the following Breitbart article over the weekend that included a podcast interview near the end, to which you can listen: Josh Mandel: Keep Ohio Red by Maintaining ‘Trump Coalition.”

If you didn’t know already, Josh Mandel is a former Cleveland City Councilman, State Representative and Ohio Treasurer. He also took on Senator Sherrod Brown in 2018, but had to pull out of the race before the general election due to an unexpected family medical crisis.

While disappointing, it was not shocking. God, family and country constitute the core of the former Marine – if one can ever truly be a “former” Marine.

I can count on one hand and not use all the digits, how many candidates for whom I’ve worked or voted over the last 20+ years that I also actually liked…Josh Mandel is one of them, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cautiously optimistic about the possibility of his candidacy for the senate seat that will be vacated by Rob Portman.

Why? Because like a good trial lawyer who doesn’t ask questions for which he doesn’t already know the answers, it is doubtful that Josh would run in an election if he doesn’t already know he can win…

While many speculated that U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan would run for the seat, that has turned out not to be the case, and I would venture that Rep. Jordan is one of the people who encouraged Josh to consider running.  They served together at the statehouse back in the day, and I think have remained friends.  Also, don’t rule out the likelihood that Biden pegs Sherrod Brown for a spot in the Administration (God, help us), which would open up another opportunity for Jordan to run if he so chooses.

On any given issue, most of you know that I look for the outcome that will yield or preserve the highest degree of individual liberty for persons born and unborn.  Mandel has an innate ability to find that Constitutional position quickly, and work with others without compromising it.  He correctly states that he was the first statewide official to come out against progressive policies, even when said policies were being ushered in by his own party…

When we began the three-year quest to educate Ohioans and remove Race to the Top’s surreptitious data mining and Common Core “standards,” Josh Mandel was the first to publicly call it out, and offer us his assistance.  Governor Kasich’s approach on the other hand was to call us names while refusing to look at the documentation, and if I remember correctly, the state legislature was busy with three other constituents….

Mandel saw the encroachment for what it was because he understands the Constitution as it relates to federalism (not to mention the Tenth Amendment), which would make it very difficult not to support him if he does throw his hat into the race…I can’t recall the last time Ohio had a U.S. Senator who not only read the Constitution, but also saw it as the standard versus an afterthought.

All that said, if Ohio is fortunate enough to elect a “Senator Mandel,” I’m not so naive as to think areas of disagreement will not exist.  The difference between Josh and many others thus far, is that none of those areas of disagreement have breached the above-mentioned liberty position.

Hopefully we will hear “official” word soon, whether or not Josh Mandel will run for the U.S. Senate.  If he does, watch for an attempt by power brokers on both sides of the aisle to undermine his candidacy, if not overtly, then behind the scenes, which is -again- why we must be proactive and diligent about monitoring and maintaining the integrity of Ohio’s elections.

The progressives in power will do their best over the next four years to drive the final nails into the republic’s coffin…

“Let us disappoint the men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this country.” ~Samuel Adams