Ohio’s Lockdown Is Over…

Feel free to move about the state, and decide for yourselves if and when to socially distance, or wear a mask (I’m going to assume you all stay home when you’re sick and practice regular, thorough hand washing).

Yeah, turns out Lord Farquaad Mike DeWine and the entire Columbus swamp are guilty of violating their own unconstitutional edicts… #ShockedNotShocked.  The [unconstitutional] orders were not allowed to surpass 120 days.

Just found the following press release from Ohio Stands Up!, which is one of the more overt efforts taking place to hold Mike DeWine & his enablers accountable for his outright assault on Ohioans, for years to come.  The lawsuit mentioned in the piece refers to the federal lawsuit they filed August 31, 2020 on behalf of Ohioans, who Mike DeWine has ruined, across the state.

DeWine and his fellow swamp-dwellers continue to obstruct the discovery phase of the federal lawsuit with impunity.  We are documenting and will remember all who have been complicit in allowing the devastation that Ohio Republicans AND Democrats have imposed upon Ohioans. Please visit their website for more information, to follow this very important case and to donate if you are so inclined!