The Tale of Two Experimental Jabs…

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but It often rhymes” – Attributed to Mark Twain

The 1976 experimental Swine Flu (H1N1) vaccine, authorized under the same “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) loophole the current COVID-19 experimental vaccines:

So the feds approved two elixirs that were given to people without being properly field-tested, but authorized under an EUA, and they pulled it off the market after people started dying and hundreds of thousands of healthy people were hit with chronic, neurological issues.

Notice three things:

  1. The lack of informed consent given to test subjects.
  2. The actual, real journalism that took place.
  3. The resulting lies, lies, lies…

As of early May, the (3) experimental COVID-19 jabs, also not properly field-tested, have reached a 4,178 death count, and hundreds of thousands of healthy people have been hit with adverse effects from blood clots to seizures with no redress for any of the victims.

In an interview with The New American, Dr. Peter McCullough juxtaposes the two:

“In the 1976 Swine Flu pandemic, we attempted to vaccinate 55 million Americans in 1976, there were 500 cases of Guillian-Barre syndrome, which is an ascending paralysis from the legs upwards, and 25 deaths; the program was killed…at 25 deaths.

…What we are seeing today with so many recorded deaths after the use of experimental [COVID-19] pharmaceutical products is unprecedented.”

He goes on to state that at least 85% of the deaths from COVID-19 could’ve been prevented with what they call “Sequenced Multi-Drug Therapy” (SMDT), which to my untrained ears, sounds like a series of prophylactic protocols that can be tweaked to each individual case.

85% of the lives lost could’ve been saved were it not for “Orange Man bad…” (HCQ is part of the SMDT)…

This is why when “prim and proper betas” ask me: “Golly gee whiz, little lady, do you have to get so angry with our elected employees?” I simply answer: “Yes, because you’re so freaking beta I’m gonna puke.”  #WhereAreTheMen?

The interview with Dr. McCullough is fascinating, and Alex always does a great job letting guests speak; please give it a listen (:30 min), and you can find the phenomenal resource he cites at the end here.

Folks, the normal trajectory of an appropriately approved and [hopefully] safe vaccine is 12-15 years.  The experimental COVID-19 tinctures have been given less than a year…heck somewhere in a lab, rats are undoubtedly refusing the jab until the human trials are finished.

If you want the jab, then get it; just please find out all you can about potential side effects as they relate to your personal health, and please don’t advocate for others to be jabbed against their will.  That would not only be unconstitutional and inconsistent, but also extremely dangerous.


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