Updated: Jane’s Addiction

No, not the band, the inconsistency of an Ohio U.S. Senatorial candidate…

Many media outlets & ostensible pundits are manic in their intent to portray every post-2020 “Republican” election through the lens of blind faith in Donald J. Trump.  Understandable given that he has single-handedly sustained most of their ratings and relevancy over the last four years. #Eyeroll

The narrative goes like this: Any “Republican” candidate who is struggling, is doing so only because of Trump (has nothing to do with a candidate’s positions, past votes, lies etc., only Trump), because the citizenry “suspects” disloyalty, lol.  Look, I’ll happily concede a small degree of truth to that presupposition, but I think a deeper truth exists that would make most of those same pundits cry…

What they don’t realize – because they refuse to speak to the people on the ground – is that grassroots support does not necessarily depend on undying loyalty to Donald J. Trump, rather to his grit, tenacity & perseverance toward liberty-yielding,” American First” policies.

Moreover, having been force-fed copious amounts of red pills by our domestic enemies who continue to reveal themselves, an even larger portion of the electorate is sending progressive, establishment “Republicans” a nostalgic and familiar message:

Pedro Gonzalez, writing for American Greatness dispenses a few red pills himself regarding the conservative bona fides of Jane Timken, former Chairwoman of the Ohio Republican Party and current candidate for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat [2022].

The piece juxtaposes Jane’s politically-expedient support for President Trump (on which she runs), with all of her other “support” throughout her reign as ORP Chair…

The takeaway is three-fold:

Show Me; Don’t Tell Me:  As Jane declared her support for Trump, she also actively & financially supported Anthony Gonzales, candidate for Ohio’s 16th U.S. Congressional District who would be sworn into office on January 3, 2019 and go on to vote for the 2021 Trump impeachment.

Was Gonzalez a never-Trumper?  If so, did Jane know that?  If he was not a never-Trumper, who convinced him that the impeachment was Constitutional?  Has he read the Constitution?  Does he understand his oath of office?  Was he simply bought off like many others?  All legitimate questions…

Here’s the rub: Even intellectually-consistent leftists will admit that the impeachment was a sham and not even remotely connected to the Constitution, which has very specific guidelines for impeachment, so for a lot of folks, the Gonzalez vote wasn’t just about Trump, and in fact was every bit as much about whether or not Gonzalez understood or cared about the oath he took to uphold and defend the Constitution.  Jane’s initial response assured everyone that he had a “rational reason” for voting in favor of impeachment.  Newsflash, Jane, his oath demanded a Constitutional reason for the vote, ergo your defense reflected the same, fatal-error ignorance as his.

Meet the New Boss:  Progressive “Republicans” have ruled Ohio on both the state and national levels for decades, which is why some of the most progressive, marxist policies continue to permeate Ohio’s institutions on the “Republican” super majority’s watch.  As indicated above, many will talk themselves up as “liberty-minded” during any given election, but act like all the other progressives when it counts.  The other play is to immediately throw genuine conservatives under the bus if/when the “woke” left gets their panties in a wad, or hell, just because you can.

In 2019, Jane demanded the resignation of and worked to unseat Ohio House Rep Candice Keller, after Keller expressed her opinion on Facebook that the increase in school shootings could have a lot to do with drugs, the breakdown of the family, etc.

Here’s the rub: Nothing seems “fringe” about that statement, and even if it did, it’s not Jane’s place to demand the resignation of a duly-elected representative, which is exactly the kind of thing Nancy Pelosi does.  On this issue, a genuine leader would’ve responded much more magnanimously to strategically end the drama.  Instead, Jane sided with the mob & threw Keller under the bus for “cancellation.”  Keller is infinitely more conservative than Jane, as were many female candidates Jane shunned, ergo Jane had to distance herself.  So much for that “big tent,” lol.

The Two-Ton Elephant in the Room: One cannot claim to be a dedicated, “America First,” liberty-minded candidate AND be in agreement with the unconstitutional, life- liberty- property- mental health- and job-killing policies illegally handed down by Ohio’s Executive Branch Tyrant, Lord Farquaad DeWine.

Here’s the rub: Nothing Jane has done indicates a change from her proclivity for progressive policies and politically-expedient “support.”

So we’ve come full circle.  Timken’s lack of critical thinking and consideration that Gonzalez’ impeachment vote violated the rule of law, compounded by her pattern to banish genuine conservatives, as well as her silence throughout Lord Farquaad’s perpetual bowel movement on the Bill of Rights, indicates quite clearly that she’ll stand for appeasement and not the rule of law in the U.S. Senate.

If you’re one of those people who does not want a third party, ask yourself if this candidate helps your case, and if you think she does, please email us immediately because it all but puts a big, fat, red bow on our case in favor of one, lol…

How many times are you gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe?


Update 5/7/2021: The Ohio GOP voted to censure Anthony Gonzalez & demanded his resignation.  Again folks, don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe…  This and the events leading to it were all orchestrated by Bob Paduchik – the guy who got Jane to support Trump in the first place – so he could look like a big shot to Trump – who talked Jane right out of her ORP role so he could walk right in as Chair (which he did), and told her this senate race would be a piece of cake with Trump’s endorsement.  Now that people know Jane is a progressive – and still particularly pissed about the Candice Keller incident – Paduchik had to cover for her, which is exactly what the vote was all about…so Jane could have the opportunity to say: “Oh, I absolutely agree with his censure!  See, I can say I’m on your side!”  What I’d like to know is if she called Gonzalez before or after the staged event, to let him know it’s all for show, and she still has his back lol…  #HugeEyeroll

No, I’m not that jaded, I’ve just been in the political sausage factory long enough to have actually seen or overheard those types of arrangements take place.

Update 5/26/2021: The Defense Rests.